Rising Above Depression


To say that a cancer diagnosis is depressing may be an understatement. Cancer not only hits the patient hard. It also affects the people around the person suffering from it. Dealing with depression is a challenge in itself. There are times when it seems to require considerable will and effort. The energy you need to muster takes a nosedive along with your mood. These, among many other reasons, are why coping with depression is not a walk in the park. Here are some self help ideas you can work with to avoid sinking deeper into depressive depths.

Create a more cheerful environment

Gloom and doom are common with depression. Gloomy weather can affect moods. While it is futile to control the weather, you have at least a certain amount of influence to your immediate environment. Try not to spend too much time in a dreary place when you are dealing with depression. Open curtains and windows to make the most of daylight. Choose light curtains or drapes, preferably in colors that would lighten up a room. Make sure that light fixtures are sufficiently bright and cheery.

Tune out negativity from the news

Try to minimize the time you spend watching the news unless it is absolutely necessary for you to do so. If you really must, make sure to soak in some good news to balance the bad. The constant streaming of negative thoughts in your mind can add to pervading worries or fears that are fueling your depression.

Take a walk

Take some time away from whatever you are doing and go for a walk. You need not have to go somewhere in particular. Sometimes just stepping out of the door to walk across the lawn or the street can be relaxing. Taking a walk is an excellent mood-booster for several reasons. You can use the time for a brief getaway from a stressful situation. It is also a perfect time to get some fresh air to help clear your mind. The exercise you get from it can also be very uplifting.

Pay attention to your diet

Eating healthy is good for your overall wellbeing. Try to resist your cravings for sweet and sugary foods when you are feeling down. Your comfort foods my provide bursts of energy, but the effects will be short term. Once the levels of blood glucose take a dip, you will go back to feeling more tired than ever. Substitute caffeine and alcoholic beverages with water or green tea. Tea has soothing properties that more than make up for its caffeine content.

Unload negative emotions

Depression is not something you can ignore hoping that it would eventually go away. You need to take an active part in depression treatment regardless of how mild the symptoms may be. Finding an outlet for unexpressed and intense worries can help you release the pent-up feelings. Keep a journal as a means to unload some of the negativity you may feel. Alternatively, you can also explore other medium like drawing or painting. Anything that would open bottled-up emotions can be good.

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