Exercise Tips You Should Know If You’re a Cancer Survivor

First of all, congratulations! You’ve overcome cancer! It must be an indescribable feeling to be a cancer survivor––knowing you’ve fought for your life as hard as you can against the disease. Your responsibility to take care of yourself, however, does not end there.

As a survivor, you know you should be physically active during the treatment. In addition to that, you must also be active after treatment. Some cancers can reoccur, so it’s best to engage in physical activities to lower the risk of having to defeat what you just defeated. Just think of these exercises as your tools to make yourself better and keep your life far from cancers…again.

Benefits of Physical Activities for Cancer Survivors

  • Lower anxiety, fatigue, and depression levels
  • Improve your physical strength and endurance
  • Raise your self-confidence
  • Improve your mood; thereby increasing your happiness
  • Help you maintain the proper weight

Physical Activity Intensity Levels

Light Activities

These are acts that don’t require much from your physical body but still make you active. Examples are walking at a slow pace or walking around the office, mild stretching, shopping, making your bed, preparing a delicious meal, washing dishes, fixing a leaky faucet using tools from Healthyhandyman and playing billiards.


Moderate Activities

These make you catch your breath––you would still be able to speak, but you’d wish not to. Examples are brisk walking, gardening, dancing, tai chi, weight lifting, golfing, canoeing, cleaning your house, and playing softball.

golfer swinging

Vigorous Activities

These are the activities that make your heart beat faster than usual. There’ll be a lot of heavy breathing and sweat here too! Examples are walking upstairs, jogging, swimming, bicycling faster than 12 miles per hour, jumping rope, playing basketball, and playing tennis (singles).

man playing tennis

Before doing any of those activities, ask your doctor what level of workouts you’re allowed to perform.

Exercise Tips for Cancer Survivors

Take it easy

You don’t have to do exercises at a rapid face immediately. Gradually increase the length and intensity level of your workouts instead. Take it slow until you reach half an hour of moderate to vigorous activity per day.

Make it short

If you can’t endure long sessions because of time or energy restrictions, then opt for short ones. You don’t have to pressure and stress yourself about this. 10-minute sessions would suffice.

Don’t be idle


As much as you can, engage in physical activity, even if it’s just a light one. A sedentary lifestyle will increase the risk of having cancer, and you wouldn’t want that. So avoid too much sitting or doing nothing.

Be active

Try to get at least 150 mins. of moderate activity or at least 75 mins. of vigorous activity every week.

Increase your strength

Perform workouts that can build your muscles (like lifting weights) at least two days per week.

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