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For Breast Cancer Patients: It’s Not Your Fault

If you have breast cancer, there’s one thing you should know—it’s not your fault. It’s common to blame yourself and feel guilty about your past actions, but that’s not what you need right now. The last thing you need is a negative mind.

Female Staring Sad Woman Window Caucasian SittingIt may not sound easy when you’re told you need to take control of the situation by having an optimistic attitude. And moving forward can be painful.

You might have been overwhelmed by what you just learned and are trying to comprehend. You might be wondering how your next decisions and steps can affect your future.

The best thing you can do is to accept that you can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. Recall how you overcame the uncertainties you had. What could make you strong now as you were before? Who were the people who helped you? Asking for support is not a sign of weakness, in fact, it’s a sign of courage, bravery, and determination. Get all the resources you can to help you process your situation and cope with the diagnosis.

Remember, you’ll need to acquire every positive thing you need for the treatment.

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It’s also vital to be the captain of your ship. Increase your self-confidence by taking the lead. Gather all you need to know, talk to the right people, see your doctor, and ask for help.

Do your best to live a healthy life. Find ways to address your feelings. Drink a cup of tea. Rewrite your goals. You may not be able to do household chores, but if you can, why not? Wash dishes, check out machines for cleaning your patio, write recipes, read books, and so on.

Woman Looking Up Portrait Overview LightIt sure is difficult to manage your emotions during this time, but you don’t have to overthink and worry. Trust that there’s a purpose for everything. Believe in yourself. It’s not your fault if you have cancer. Instead of dwelling on the pessimistic side of your life, why don’t you look for the silver lining, and live with a new hope instead? Remember, you are the master of your soul; the writer of your own life story. You can get through this. Nothing’s impossible if you just believe.


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