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Medical Cannabis for Brain Cancer Patients

Medical Cannabis for Brain Cancer Patients

The Relationship of Cannabis and Cancer

Research reveals that cannabis treatments might be more useful for some kinds of cancer than others. So far, studies conducted relating to cannabis as a cure for cancer have been restricted to cells and animals.

Sad to say, laboratory rats are not an excellent substitute for living humans. Regardless, the experiments on cancer and cannabis have shown positive results.

Cannabis and Brain Cancer


Early research which had rodents and human cell cultures as test subjects show that cannabis compounds stop the growth, spreading, and migration of glioma cells.

In case you didn’t know, glioma is a malignant tumor. It’s a rare and hostile form of cancer which starts in the nervous system of our brain and spinal cord.

The good news doesn’t end there. Recently, small human analyses have revealed signs of success with cannabis medication.

Putting Cannabis to the Test

For instance, in the second phase clinical trial of 21 treatment-resistant glioblastoma patients, researchers used a pharmaceutical drug which contains isolated cannabis extracts to treat the participants.

The drug mentioned above had both the main psychoactive of the herb called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and also cannabidiol (CBD). The chemical CBD found in cannabis doesn’t cause a psychotropic “high,” and it only gives mild psychoactive effects. Temozolomide, an oral chemotherapy drug, was also given to the patients.


In the trial, 83% of the patients who received cannabis had a one-year survival rate. This is apparently greater than the 53% for those who were given a placebo.

Another study in 2006 related to glioblastoma also found that THC, when directly delivered into the brain, can be slightly effective at prolonging life. The findings, however, were by no means conclusive.


Obviously, more studies should be conducted in line with the connection of cannabis and brain cancer, or any cancer for that matter. However, if you’re suffering from the said disease and your doctor recommends marijuana to you, then do yourself a favor and trust the work of cannabis.

If you’re allowed to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes, don’t forget to look up for your lighting system.

Some Ways To Raise Awareness On Cancer

Some Ways To Raise Awareness On Cancer


Cancer is probably the world’s most feared disease. But the more people die from it, the more people need to know about it – not just to prevent it from getting worse for those living with it or those living with someone who has it, but also for other people to be more cautious on what they do that can affect those around them…

…and most of all, themselves.

That being said, here are some ways to raise awareness on cancer:

Via Researching

With great power comes with great responsibility. With great responsibility also comes with great understanding.

Researching is not just meant to be imparted for a certain group of people. Researching is meant to be imparted for all groups of people. A research on the long term effects of leukemia, for example, is already set to make an impact – for you, for your loved ones, and for people from all walks of life.

Because when it comes to raising awareness on cancer, every information being provided will make a difference – not just any kind of difference, but the kind of difference that will make other people want to know more about it.

Via Writing

Words have the power to move hearts. Words also have the power to change minds.

It could be writing a short post on Facebook. It could also be writing a blog post on WordPress. It could even be writing about the importance of learning more about cancer on a flyer – distributing it all over the neighborhood, as well as pasting it all over the city.

Because when it comes to raising awareness on cancer, every word being conveyed will make a difference – not just any kind of difference, but the kind of difference that will both move hearts and change minds.

Do you know any other ways to raise awareness on cancer? Let’s discuss more about them below!