Supporting a Person Dealing with Cancer


The fight with the big C continues every day. Finding out that a loved one or someone you know is battling cancer is tough. It may even be difficult to express your grief without adding to the anguish the patient is already suffering. Showing that you care and supporting an ailing family member or friend is not easy. But here are some ways to help in whatever small way you can.

Mean what you say. Make sure that you mean it when you say that you will be there to help. Be specific about how you intend to help and keep your word. Avoid making promises that you cannot keep. One of the things you can do is to take care of simple tasks that may give the patient more time to rest.

Volunteer to take care of something. Be explicit. For example, volunteer to pick up the children from school while your friend or loved one is getting radiation treatments or chemotherapy. Inform them that their children can stay in your house and spend time with your kids until they get home. Ask them if this will work for them.

Prepare healthy meals. Prepare food for your loved one or friend who is trying to fight cancer. You can cook their favorite food or something that is good for them. You can also brew them a good pot of soup then take this over to their place.

Take them to treatments. Going to treatments alone can be scary. Offer to accompany your loved one or friend to the hospital for check-ups or chemotherapy, if needed. Know scheduled visits to the hospital and ensure that someone is going to be with the patient when he or she makes the trip.

Be mindful of their need for privacy. Ask for the best time to visit or make a call. Remember that your friend or loved who is afflicted with cancer may want some time alone. Be sensitive to their need for privacy or for a much-needed rest.

Be compassionate. Facing cancer is never easy. It involves a lot of emotional and psychological upheaval not to mention the physical discomforts the patient may feel. You have to be more understanding of what your loved one or friend may be feeling. No matter how bad things may get, make the patient feel that you are giving your unconditional support.

Take care of yourself. Supporting someone with cancer is not easy. You have to manage your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It is only when you take care of yourself that you can offer the best care and support to someone who is suffering.